Re: Contemporary Worship Songs - Bethel, Elevation, Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Phil Wickham, etc

D F Tweedie

FWIW ... don't be put off by the 255 measure limitation. Since most songs have some type of verse and chorus structure, just write your verse and chorus once in the 'flattened' style of using BIAB. You can then easily export that to any MIDI capable program and duplicate as many times as you'd like.

You'll still have plenty of room in BIAB for any bridges, pre-choruses, tags, etc., you'd like. Just cut and paste in your MIDI editor to complete your song structure.


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I'm sorry for being a pain, BUT I am looking for a fit for 6/8 to this song that I've cut a sample of.  
Aaron, is working on contemporary worship songs as well as I am. In fact, I've been using BIAB for a number of years but 6/8 if a problem, at least for me in finding a style fit.  Most of the time I use a 3/4 style and double the measure input but there is also the 255 measure limitation.  

Any help would be appreciated.  I'm not proficient enough in BIAB to write my own styles,,,,,yet.

I hope I am not violating any protocol, If so, please forgive me.

I do have a number of worship songs that I have done and will be glad to upload.


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> How you tried searching styles with 'shuffle' as the key term ? There
> are many variant styles, mostly with a 'country' bent. Eg one called
> 'Gaithers'.

Ian raises a great point with his post -- try styles even if they're not
specifically categorized for the type of music you're working on. I
know the process can be daunting, searching for just the right style,
but I think that many of us who use computers have been spoiled by the
instant nature of so much that computers do. We grow impatient at
having to actually try things out until we find the perfect match.

Don't be fooled by the "genre" and "group" classifications which PGMusic
assigns to its styles. As a matter of fact, just the other day I
discovered that we can't even trust the "ev8" or "sw8" or "ev16" or
"sw16" classifications. I sorted the styles on the EvSw column and
selected one which was clearly marked "ev8" only to find when I clicked
PLAY to have my student play along with BIAB it in fact had swinging 8th

Explore the styles as much as possible and when you find styles you like
that seem to fit the kind of music you do, add those styles to your
"Favorites" list. To keep track of our favorite styles, in order to
make finding them much easier, right-click on a style you like and
select "Set Style as a Favorite." This adds the letters FAV to the
start of the style's name in the Name column. While sorting that Name
column doesn't sort the FAV styles together (it sorts on the styles'
actual names) to find the styles you've marked as favorites, simply hit
shift-F9 and the "Favorite Styles" dialog opens up.

David H. Bailey

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