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D F Tweedie

If someone else hasn't already mentioned this, you seem to be mixing up 'MIDI modules' and 'MIDI controllers.'

A MIDI module is a sound source with synthesized audio samples that produces sound when triggered by MIDI notes. I say produces sound, but of course you may need to patch the MIDI modules output to an amplifier and speakers to hear the sound. A MIDI module can be triggered via MIDI cables from a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or programs like BIAB or Anvil; or by keyboard input from a synthesizer or a MIDI controller.

A MIDI controller is a keyboard that can send MIDI notes to a MIDI module (or program) but contains no inherent way to produce sound ... in contrast to a synthesizer or workstation that also have keyboards and can both send MIDI to other sources as well as generate their internal souund  via MIDI. It can sent MIDI notes and other MIDI messages to either software or hardware with the proper connections.

A MIDI controller is used with BIAB to play and record MIDI parts to be played back in conjunction with either MIDI tracks or RealTracks. Those played or recorded parts will have to be connected through BIAB to either a hardware or software sound source for you to hear what is being played.


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Thanks for all of your responses. This group is always a great help. The statement below however it is what really intrigued me:

"The marketplace is noticeably lacking in choices for external midi 
modules as many musicians have moved to sample-based soft-synths such as 
the RealTracks that BIAB is focusing on."

I interpreted that as meaning I can add to the arrangements by using the Sounds in band in a box, especially the real tracks.
In order not to continue to be bothersome on the site I tried to figure out how to do it myself with 32 key MIDI controller but I've had no luck.
Would it be a burden to explain what I need to do to get this to work? I'm probably missing something simple but I just can't get my mind around it to get it to work.


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