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D F Tweedie

A dimmer memory yet seems to recall that many of these players simply take set and forget per file tempo/BPM input to scroll at the requisite rate.


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Morning, David (not for you, I think !)
Thanks for your early response.
It's reassuring that you seem to dimly recall what I do! If 'it does what it says on the tin', it might even be worth saving up for an i-pad. I'll do more searches incorporating that term.
I came across MusicReader in my searches, and the 'front page' doesn't seem to claim that it is 'responsive'.
I note your additional point about page turning and a pedal, but in fact I wouldn't necessarily be tied to playing from the screen, if the running program picked up live prompts as to progress/tempo.
Many thanks.
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> I hope no-one minds me going off-piste here. I know a lot of you guys
> use multiple softwares, and I'm hoping someone may recognise what I'm
> enquiring about.
> A couple of years ago, I came across (online) a music display/scrolling
> application which (if I understood it right) actually had, somehow, a
> sort of rubato capability - it would respond to your playing of the
> loaded file.I think it was a bit pricey, and I didn't go into it further.
> But I'm finding, under the influence of trying to play in a jazz style,
> that my playing in all styles is becoming much much flexible/inflected,
> tempo-wise, and a software like this now seems a very attractive tool.
> However, I've hit the search engines without finding anything I recognise.
> Does this ring any bells ?
> Sincerely
> Ian G

I think (but am not certain) that MusicReader could do that. I also
recall reading about that software you're talking about, but it was for
iOS (iPad) and not for Windows, but that's from my dim memory.

What I do recall is that you had to play the piece while using the
software first before it would respond to your playing while scrolling
the music. If we're talking about the same software, you had to teach
it how you played a particular piece, then it would respond to your
playing. It didn't just automatically know how the music it was
displaying went and was able to respond to just any old piece.

What you might do well to use is the current music-reading software such
as MusicReader for Windows or iOS or ForScore for iOS along with a
blue-tooth page-turning pedal such as the AirTurn Pedpro, that way you
can scroll any music as you play simply by turning the page.

David H. Bailey

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