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D F Tweedie

Edit: I misused upgrade when I meant update in at least one instance. Update means to get the new version of the same product. Upgrade means to move to a higher version.

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Like everyone else, I'd like to be in a buyers' club. I'm not sure if Rodger or anyone is keeping the list, but if so, please add my name to it.

DF Tweedie, Audiophile 2017

I'm not one to spearhead this, but if I were, I'd go to Survey Monkey and see if I could create an appropriate survey and then distribute it through this or any other list I had access to where there was interest in BIAB.

The survey would only be for owners of BIAB ... so the first question would be 'do you own a version of BIAB?' The second question would be, 'if so, is it the current version?' The third question would be, 'Would you upgrade annually from your current version if you received a discount on the upgrade price?'

Such a survey would give an easier way to keep track of how great the interest is and the potential clout of such a group. If you had 20 saying they would upgrade annually, forget it. If you had 200, now you're talking. Of course people saying they will do something and people actually doing something they say they will are two different things.

Now, PG Music knows how big their customer base is, how many licenses of each version and how often those versions get updated or upgraded on average. The buyers' group doesn't and in all likelihood never will.

PG Music has only two incentives to cooperate: increase revenue by getting more people to upgrade annually ... especially on the higher end versions; and, incentivize more people to upgrade to higher end versions.

In my opinion, and this is just my speculation based upon other like opportunities I've reviewed, a 50% discount is unlikely. To say, 'I upgrade every other year, but I'd do it annually if it cost half as much,' is revenue neutral for PG Music and only creates a potentially slippery slope for PG Music. After all, they could say, what stops someone from still only updating every other year, now with the discount?

My proposed answer would be that the discount would only apply when you update from a current version to the next year's. So if you'd waited more than a year, you'd have to first update at the normal older edition price and then the following year you could get the buyers' club discount. The same principle would apply to upgrading.

Finally, what would I think a realistic discount that would incentivize PG Music? Remember this is a shot in the dark. For all we know at the higher end they may have a strong annual renewal. Remember they already discount that to those who renew annually and have a special sale in December. So, I'm again speculating that something in the 20 to 30% range might be doable.

That would add several questions to the survey, e.g., 'would you agree to renew annually at 50% discount; at 40% discount, etc. down to at 10% discount.

I think somebody with these answers and a substantial list of current licensees would be in a position to evaluate the likelihood of approaching PG Music successfully.


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Add my name:- 
John MacMillan, Vietnam.

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The easiest approach is for people to add their name to this email thread and list their BIAB Product   I would be happy to volunteer the work and create a letter and negotiate with BIAB  for a 50% discount off the limited time Holiday Promo Offer price.  This BIAIB Buying Group could also offer suggestions, feedback, wish list and product problems that would be organized into a well structured metrics format in an organized Buying Group submission that would be part of the Buying Group discount negotiation.  Each year, every participant makes a list of suggestions, feedback, wish list and product problems and this gets compiled into one organized Buying Group submission.  

This current yahoo group list could be a good representation of the Buying Group but many other people could join from other lists including BIAB customers who are not on any group list.  However, If there were enough people interested (but not committed to being a participant) we could form a separate BIAB Yahoo list--  BIAB Buying Group could have its own specific representation.  And David Bailey would probably join if he wanted to save money each year.   And not every member would have to commit to purchases every year--  but the 50 % off would still apply to the respective upgrade rate tier that they are in when they choose to opt in on the current year purchase.

The way I would propose the BIAB Buying Group purchase with BIAB--- I would negotiate the 50% off Holiday promo rate offer with BIAB marketing director with the Buying Group list names/BIAB products.  Each Buying Group participant would be provided a BIAB purchase promo code that is pre-approved on the  Buying Group list and then each BIAB participant calls into BIAB sales office with a promo offer code and buy the product giving their credit card info..  Each of the Buying Group  participants credit cards would not be charged until the minimum number of Buying Group participants called into the BIAB sales office.  This buying time purchase window would be coordinated with the Buying Group so everyone is in agreement with the time window to make the purchase.

Each year the number of BIAB Group List participants could change and each year a different volume of participants could be added, so each year a Different negotiated rate could be applied.    I work with many different Software VSTi Developers in education and artist relations marketing programs so I could do this very easily volunteering to negotiate the rate with the BIAB  Buying Group participants.  I have a lot of experience working with CEO's, VP's Marketing, Marketing Directors, Artists Relations Director's of many software companies and it is very easy for me to negotiate, propose as I already do this in my work.

The easiest approach is for people to add their name to this email thread with their BIAB Product   I am only proposing that this email thread post is only a  showing of  interest and nothing else.   It is not the actual development of a Buying Group-- it is just the  beginning stage to see if their is enough people interested to participate in a BIAB Buying Group. 

If there is enough people who want to participate, then I would be happy to volunteer to do the work and create a letter and negotiate with BIAB marketing director for a 50% Discount off the Limited Time Holiday Promo Offer price. This BIAB  Buying Group purchase would be limited to December purchase of each succeeding year.

So, add your name, add the chronological number, and add your BIAB product if you are ONLY INTERESTED with no commitment and let's see how many people the interest can grow to.  Zeek, can you add what BIAB product you have.  Rodger 

1.  Rodger Orlich, BIAB Audiophile 2017
2.  Zeek Duff
3. Paul Patterson, BIAB UltraPlus Pack 2016 for Mac

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Hi Rodger,
Sorry, I got behind a couple of days.  

Well, from seeing a few others going “good idea,” I say let’s rattle David’s cage: D A V I D  B A I LE Y to see if it’s cool to go through this group..?  Well, David?  :)   Oh yeah, count me in, too. :D

Best regards,

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1.2. Re: Upgrade prices of BIAB
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I know the BIAB marketing director—she is very approachable.  The easiest approach is a letter drafted with all participants adding their name/email that be a show of support of the buying group proposal to BIAB.  David Bailey would have to authorize this....but I don’t see the value in 2018 upgrade.  Maybe next year 2019 is a better time to do this which would be enough time to get a list of participants and grow the list.  50% discount of the holiday sale would be a fair offer.  It’s a one time purchase offer with everyone on the list paying 50% of the holiday promo rate.


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