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Cubase's Logical Editor can perform similar MIDI manipulation and other advanced  features. As Studio One has been initially developed by former Steinberg coders I'd be surprised if there isn't something similar in Studio One. Or if not yet, soon.

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Wow, I’d like to see this feature in my Presonus Studio One Pro DAW--- maybe some of the “humanize”  features I have seen in some other DAW’s are doing this feature.
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What does a groove filter do--- it that like a randomization feature?
Definitely not randomization. While there is a bit of wiggle room in what a musician does, really it's quite precise, but not quantized to the beat or sub-beats.

Listen a swing time drummer doing stuff like the Count Basie Band did. More often than not, the second and fourth beat of every measure is rushed, it pushes the beat. And the swing up-beats somewhere between a triplet and dotted eighth/sixteenth rhythm. And it's consistent, not random although perhaps by a few milliseconds and no more. The entire band falls into that groove.

Listen to a Salsa band and my friend from Puerto Rico said if he hears the cowbell and the conga at the same time, he knows a Latin band isn't playing. The cowbell keeps time and the conga is a little behind.

Plenty of funk songs, especially 1970s era have beats 2 & 4 behind the beat and a very slight delay on every other sixteenth note.

With the groove filter I can do things like, advance or delay beats 2 and 4 of any measure by as many tics as I want. The same for eighth notes, or whatever.

In MTPro it's called a change filter, and the change filter itself gives you many options of what you want to change:

After selecting what you want to change, then you decide how you want to change it. So you may highlight a whole song, just one track, or a highlighted section of a track and when you make any of the following changes, click the Use Change Filter box.

So I can make specific changes either broadly or with surgical precision without editing measure by measure.

Say I did a song, and decided to rush the open hi hat on only the fourth beat of every other measure so that it flams with a foot close hi hat on the same beat. A few mouse clicks and an entire track is done, even if a zillion measures.

Or say I did a funk song that required the second and fourth beat to be laid back behind the beat. But after recording it, I decide I want to lay them back a little more. Highlight the entire bass and drum track, use the slide data dialog, and in the change filter specify the proper beats, and it's done. The groove is now stronger.

Or say I used a BiaB style that had the old drum grid on it, which is quantized. After exporting to MIDI and importing into MTPro, I could even do things like just move the snare on certain beats if I want.

I would love to find another MIDI sequencer or DAW that does this. It saves a lot of work. There will be a day when MTP doesn't work anymore.
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