Re: PGMusic is up to linguistic trickery!

D F Tweedie

David ...

As always, many thanks for your assiduous contributions.

As I know you've held the developers and management at PGMusic in highest regard, this must be truly disappointing ... as it should be to all of us.

Perhaps a new thread on the PGMusic forum (or the thread you may have started) should draw many responses of disappointment from members of this forum.


From: "'David H. Bailey' dhbailey52@... [Band-in-a-Box]"
To: Band-in-a-Box
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 6:51 AM
Subject: [Band-in-a-Box] PGMusic is up to linguistic trickery!

Dear BIAB Mates,

I was at the PGMusic web-site yesterday, and noticed that they are
pushing "Xtra Styles Paks." There are apparently 3 paks of real styles
which have been released separately from their annual upgrades. Two of
these paks were released following the release of BAIB2016, and one of
them was released following the release of BIAB2017.

Each of these three paks costs $49 which is a reasonable price if one
wants to buy the extra styles. However the thing that concerns me is
that when I purchased the "BIAB2017 Everything Pak" it didn't include
these extra styles which were released for BIAB2016. I realize the one
released for BIAB2017 was after-the-fact so I wouldn't expect it to be
included in the "everything pak" for BIAB2017, but I would expect it to
be included in the BIAB2018 "everything pak" which will be released soon.

So I hopped on the PGMusic "chat" and raised this issue with the support
person on the other end who admitted that the "everything pak" was
deceptively named. It doesn't include "everything" despite the name.

The FAQ at PGMusic includes the following question/answer:
30. What is the difference between the Band-in-a-Box and RealBand
EverythingPAK and the PG Music OmniPAK?
The EverythingPAK includes *all* of the currently available RealTracks,
RealDrums, *Style Sets*, all the regular Soloist Sets, the Andy LaVerne
Soloist Series, and Melodist Sets. It also includes the Video Tutorial
PAK, and the 'Songs and Lessons' PAK for Band-in-a-Box. [added the
emphasis around the words "all" and "Style Sets"]

I am very disheartened that PGMusic would stoop to such lows as to tell
us that we get "all the currently available . . . Style Sets" and then
essentially say "oops, only kidding, to get certain style sets you need
to pay a lot more money."

I just thought everybody should be aware that even though you may
purchase the "everything pak" you're not getting everything and they
even admit it's deceptively titled!

David H. Bailey

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