Re: Brain Freeze Help BIAB 2017

D F Tweedie

Found it (think) ! Sequencer ... although it looks different than I recall as I thought there was a global view, whereas I now find a separate window for Melodist and Soloist.

From: "D F Tweedie bienpegaito@... [Band-in-a-Box]"
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Sent: Sunday, October 8, 2017 10:46 AM
Subject: [Band-in-a-Box] Brain Freeze Help BIAB 2017

I need a little help ... possibly David Bailey territory! :)

I can't for the life of me figure out how navigate back to page I recall from earlier BIAB. This page showed when a MIDI file was imported where the different channel patches were placed on the BIAB playback schema, i.e., which were on Soloist or Melody, etc. As I recall you could delete and or copy them around from that page.

Here's what I want to do that should explain the question I will ask. I want to import a MIDI file, extract the chords for a new arrangement and keep only the original MIDI channel data for the MIDI file's melody, which ever channel that exists upon. The final target is to be able to keep the melody and then assign a different style to the remaining instruments as with new lines as generated by that style.


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