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John Thomas

My keyboard does have sound. I finally figured out that some of the styles are Midi only.  That helped. But I don't know which ones have the drum track going in a different direction. 


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John ...

You do not have your routing set up properly. Are you sure you don't have a synth/ workstation? You refer to sending MIDI to your MIDI keyboard, but MIDI keyboards or controllers have no sound. Synths also do not play audio, they only generate sound modules with audio output from MIDI input ... so there is no way a synth/ workstation would be playing the audio from a BIAB file with audio and MIDI as in a RealDrums style.

The lag you hear is because you are sending audio to one output, your computer, and MIDI to another, to another.

I think your solutions will be to choose one or the other. If you want to use RealDrums MIDI styles you will have to use a softsynth with BIAB or you will have to use RealBand or some other DAW that can accommodate routing both audio and MIDI through it with some way to offset/ delay the audio to synch with you synth/ workstation.


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On a related issue, sometimes when I choose a MIDI style, the drum track is sent to my computer speakers, and the rest of the tracks are sent to my attached MIDI keyboard.  And what's worse, the drum track is ahead of the MIDI tracks.  I have to mute the drum track to be able to use it at all.  On example is ZZBLUSTR.STY. Blues Straight Style.

Any ideas what is going on?

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My first thought is you are using a style with RealDrums and you have audio, but no MIDI.

Look through your MIDI routing to make sure BIAB is accessing whatever MIDI sound module your are using.


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I recently had to re-install BIAB2017. After I did the reinstall, I get
only drums on playback. I'm sure there must be something that has
everything else muted but I can't find it. Any help or suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.

Herb Thompson

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