Re: 2017 vs. older versions.

D F Tweedie

Ernie ...

The basic problem appears to be you are using your laptop audio, not the fast track pro ... which is almost certainly better for recording and monitoring.

You don't need headphones. Your fast track pro has monitor outputs that you could attach to your Bose speakers directly if the speakers are powered, or to an amplifier feeding those speakers.

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Well, on my old successful set-up I played through my small BOSE speakers when listening AND recording!  I never liked to play while wearing headphones and I managed to record that way.

The new set-up, I do it through my headphones with an 1/8" plug into the computer,  I'll have to go find some headphones with a 1/4" plug and try that.  I'll also plug it into the Fast Pro.   

Thanks,  Ernie

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