Re: 2017 vs. older versions.

D F Tweedie

Your fast track pro is (or should be) your 'sound card.' It must have monitor out lines to connect to your monitor or a headphone jack? If you are actually monitoring through the sound card in your computer, is that what you did before and do you have the same speaker setup?

Finally, I don't understand what you mean by "put on a thumb drive and loaded on my new computer." Do you mean you used the thumb drive to transfer the driver software from an internet connected computer and then installed onto the new computer?


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I did manage to download software for my m-audio fast track pro.  Put it on a thumb drive and loaded on my new computer.
I tried to record a little on it last night.  The sound is not fat and rich like my other set up.  The mic is the same and all.  VERY dissappointing.  I put a new battery in the EV 1776 condensor but not good.  I'll try another new battery.  After that it may be the sound card on my new(to me) computer.

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