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Respectfully, I don't think this is quite right unless there are major changes in Win 8 and Win 10.
Actually these are green circles with white check marks. There can be two, although they can both be assigned to the same audio device: music playback and communication. However, the purpose of the green circle-white arrow is to select the device for system use, i.e., default for playing audio when browsing or using Windows Media Player, etc. Technically all devices that show up are enabled on the computer, just not designated as system default.

This is important to understand because an individual program such as RealBand has a separate 'designation' through its own options/ preferences to choose any of the enabled devices regardless whether they are designated for system use.

If the device manager shows the Fast Track Pro as a valid audio device (i.e., right click on the Fast Track Pro icon in the device manger list; select properties; and, in the properties window it will state whether the device is working properly or not) and neither RealBand nor Windows through the speaker icon shows Fast Track Pro as an available audio device, this is a system problem beyond anything I would know how to resolve.


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> When I right click on my speaker in the bottom tray, under recording
> devices my fast track pro is not listed.. When I go to device manager,
> it is listed under the sound devices and says driver is installed.
> "scratching my head"

I don't recall which version of Windows you're using, but if you could
open Control Panel and then Sounds or on Win10 right-click on the
windows icon in the lower left and then select "Settings" and then
select "Sound Settings" in the upper right corner.

That should open a dialog which lists your audio devices. One of the
tabs is called "Playback" (that's the default that opens on my computer)
and one of the tabs is called "Recording." Click on the Recording tab
and then you'll see all the devices which should be able to provide
audio input into your computer. Any enabled devices will have a green
checkmark next to it their listing. If you see the entry for your Fast
Track Pro, click on it and it doesn't have a green checkmark next to it,
right click on it and then select "Enable." Once you do that it should
show up as possible devices to record from.

Good luck!

David H. Bailey

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