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1. When you right click on the speaker icon and select 'recording devices' you should see a list of all the devices capable of recording. If your fast track pro is not listed there, then its device driver is not installed or improperly installed. That is your first priority, to get the Dell to recognize your interface.

2. If you've checked in device manager and see the fast track under 'sound, video and game controllers' with the yellow circle and exclamation point,' then you should right click on the name and uninstall and reboot. If it is improperly installed when you open 'device manager' the subcategory of 'sound, video ...' will already be opened. If it does not appear than you need to go to the m-audio site and download the proper driver and install it.

3. Even though you may be running off USB drive for BIAB, you still need to install RealBand on the Dell. If you can open RealBand then it is installed, even if some of the file content is on the USB drive. In RealBand you need to go to the settings> audio and pick the fast track as your audio device for the program. If it doesn't appear ... then it isn't installed or isn't installed properly. If you haven't selected it then the program will be unable to find a way to record ... possibly the source of the error. You didn't say whether the error message of no wav input was a Microsoft System message or a RealBand message.

4. You will be able to sort this out.  Good luck.

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I have on my Dell Optiplex:  AMD High definition audio device
                                             Intel display audio
                                             Realtek high definition audio
All of them are installed and working says the computer.

Control panel says I have:  Realtek high definition audio(not plugged in)
I used an M-Audio fast track pro interface and plug it in by USB.  The machine doesn't recognize it, I suppose.  

I get audio from some of my stored files and I play them through my headphones.  BIAB will play all my files and allow me to change styles.  I just can't RECORD on the new machine.  

On the speaker icon at the bottom of the tray, it says:  Dell Audio, Main is good, headphone/speaker is good, Microphone is "please attach audio device"

Thanks VERY MUCH for your reply.  I have recorded three albums and distribute them world-wide on CD BABY and 10 other services.  Its just when I introduced 2017 BIAB on my computer it messed up my Real Band recording capability.  I didn't even install 2017, just ran it off the USB drive that came with it.  I just wanted some more realistic sounds and was wanting to incorporate them in my newest album. 

Ernie in Louisville

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