Re: 2017 vs. older versions.

D F Tweedie

I hear your frustration ... but I am having a hard time understanding your problem.

Presuming you are on Windows ...

Do you know how to use 'Device Manager' in windows? If you don't Google to see how to open it. Look under 'Sound, video and game controllers' and make sure you have an audio device properly installed (if it shows a little round yellow circle with an exclamation mark you have one, but it is not properly installed).

Then go to Control Panel> Sound> Recording Device Tab. See what is there ... which will be your wav device.

Some programs 'capture' the audio device and do not release it until they are closed. It is possible that this is also why you get the message.

I am quite sure it is certainly something with your system setup, not BIAB, that is causing you problems.

Do you have a 3rd party audio interface ... either USB, PCIe, Firewire or Thunderbolt, or are you using audio from the mother board?

Is BIAB the only program where you have difficulty getting audio?

If in control panel/ sound you check to have the little speaker icon show up in systray (the applet at the lower right side of the task bar). Then you can right click the icon to bring up context menu that includes 'Playback devices.' What does it show?


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Well, I never have resolved this issue.  I do wish I had never bought biab 2017.  I bought an almost new Dell Optiplex 3020 small footprint computer recently and tried to install my old version 2011 biab and I can't record because it said "can't find a wav. Input device".   I want to record one more album on biab and can't seem to get a working system to do it.  My other album I am planning to record will be in a studio with live musicians.

So........I have two computers and can't get either one to work with biab.  Very frustrating.

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