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D F Tweedie

Rodger ...

A couple of quick thoughts after little reflection.

1. No, $150 would be too steep for me.

2. Have you reviewed earlier videos on Groove3? I found the series by Eli Krantzberg outstanding. As far as 2017 goes, it is just a matter of grasping the new features ... the essential workflow hasn't changed.

3. If you have a DAW with awesome virtual instruments, you are probably going to want to export some MIDI from your BIAB creation anyway. I personally don't see completing a 'finished' production in BIAB. I'd be looking at creating the skeleton of a song with the MIDI and some select tasty RealTrack bits to my DAW where I could manipulate both the MIDI and audio more efficiently and more thoroughly.

4. If you have a Groove3 subscription and you want a tutorial series on creating a complete song in something conceptually similar to BIAB, look at the videos on Toontracks EzKeys. There are a couple available that make some great suggestions (and demonstrate the sequential workflow) using the MIDI generated from EzKeys and EzDrummer massaged through the magic of a capable DAW.

My opinions, anyway.


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I recently purchased 2017 BIAB audiophile even though I am not currently using BIAB 2017 in my writing studio.  I’m using Presonus studio 1 Pro DAW and a lot of awesome instrument plugins.  So I was wondering if there are any BIAB tutorials dedicated to the new 2017 format.  I can not find  new  2017 BIAB tutorials in completed detail form.  Groove 3 does not have a new 2017 BIAB video.
I am also wondering if others like myself would be interested in buying a 2017 BIAB web video tutorial that has a very creative and unique
format that uses a completed song from start to finish.  The fastest way to learn  any digital multimedia programs is by completing  a full production going thru all the creative processes and stages from start to finish.  This not only shows features, but shows creative processes in the production that are useful on many levels.
For instance, maybe someone like David Bailey or another BIAB expert could  create a tutorial that creates a song from start to finish and offer a suggested price that others like myself would gladly pay for.  If multiple people came forward with tutorial feature requests, maybe this is a good idea??
If someone created a 2107 BIAB web video that went thru the construction of a completed song from start to finish using these features below
I would gladly pay over 150 dollars.  Would others pay??  I wonder how many lurkers out there would come forward.
Such a 2017 BIAB internet video tutorial format could be created where a person could duplicate the tutorial song by using all basic, medium and advanced  features in the tutorial.   The person would use the same files, and replicate the whole process in every stage and end up with the same
completed song in the tutorial.    For instance,  I would like to see a completed song web tutorial that goes from beginning to end that has the following  tutorial process features below--
I’m sure there are other features that could be added.  
1.  4 Count lead in
2.  Create an intro section
3.  Adding in and edit verse sections, bridge, pre-chorus and chorus and solo sections
4.  Show creative ways of freezing tracks to keep specific melodies and arrangements
5.  Show creative use of copying, pasting, cutting tracks
6.  Create a  solo section that is edited
7.  Create a key change section
8.  Edit track volume and panning
9.  Add in Melody track & Soloist track
10. Adding in harmony tracks
11. Turn an audio track into multiple harmony parts
12. Add in a loop using loop dialogue
13. Add an Acid loop that is on a certain root and use as a complete style
14. Transposing a loop to the current chord of the song
15.  Freezing a loop and artist performance track
16.  Convert a wav file to midi track
17.  Show creative use of finding and using certain chord embellishments
18.  Show creative use of Chord Builder clicking on same root or extension that will play the chord
19.  Use Legato Strings feature for MIDI generated track
20. Adding in a vocal track
21.  Create a half time section
22.  Show use of merging Midi tracks and real tracks, real drums
23.  Load MIDI file to melody track & copy the bass part to the bass track, then freeze bass track
24.  Use RealChart to play, to double a RealTracks part on another instrument by generating a RealTracks for piano on the piano track.
       Then copy piano track to  strings track & set a strings patch. You now hear a RealTracks piano, with the strings doubling the piano part
25.  Replace a RealChart with a MIDI version. Copy RealChart as in the #24 example above. Then eliminate the RealTracks on the original track. You now have a RealChart MIDI part playing instead of the RealTracks, and you can edit that part etc. as with any MIDI track.
26. Show use of Midi Drums and editing
27.  Show use of MIDI SuperTrack  and editing
28.  Show 64-bit VST plugins and VSTi instruments with Band-in-a-Box, using jBridge
29.  Add Real drums use Force drums to MIDI drums
30.  Adding in drum fills at specific bars
31.  Show use of chord Wizard
32.  Create a custom ending
33.  Create an audio fade out ending
34.  Show finished creation with lyrics, chords, repeats and endings, DC markings and codas
35. Show Email Song as Attachment in native format
36.  Convert song to wav or mpeg file to email as attachment  (good for song collaborating)

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