Re: Recommendations for MIDI controller

D F Tweedie

Hi Lou ...

You've opened a can of worms. First, I don't think you'll find 32 keys. Keyboard controllers are generally no smaller than 25 keys and then climb by octaves, i.e., 37, 49, 61, etc.

If you have no further interest than using the keyboard to augment your BIAB MIDI files, then almost any MIDI keyboard will do ... depending on how 'playable' you want it to be. Small MIDI keyboards with full size keys run the gamut from the cheapest plastic unweighted keyboards to semi-weighted keyboards with good attack and release. Other features include adjustments for keyboard velocity curves/ sensitivity, pedal attachments and types of pitchbend and modulation wheels, joy sticks or even touch sensitive slider strips.

Most manufacturers have several product lines with the more 'playable' offerings generally more expensive and adding a lot of features you may not be interested in such as controller knobs, sliders and drum pads along with editing software to be able to customize those controls to a DAW or sound module.

I suggest you search out what is available on eBay in 25 or 37 MIDI controllers from M-Audio, AKAI or Novation and then do a little googling on the specs of the models that fall within your price range. You can probably find something acceptable for $50.00 plus shipping.

Or, find a model, spec it out and look on Sweetwater or Amazon.


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Hello everyone!
Lately I have been going through my MIDI files and I am getting the urge to change some of the endings.  I would like to do this in real time using a MIDI controller and BIAB (this will be my first time attempting this so I would be a beginner with this method). Does anyone have any recommendations for a simple (say 32 key) controller that can get the job done and works pretty seamlessly with BIAB?


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