Re: Tempo export to Cubase

D F Tweedie

Whatever is in the MIDI file will be imported into Cubase along with the file. BIAB permits you to select what you want included in your exported MIDI files.

If the MIDI file had controller data, it will be there.

Normally, there is no such thing as a 'tempo map.' There is just the tempo settings embedded in the MIDI file itself.

'Tempo maps' are midi files with variable tempo created from live performance in order to synch MIDI to the original tempo of the recorded real performance.

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> I only have Cubase Elements and it's an older version, but I wonder if
> there might be an option in the Midi Import dialog (or preferences) to
> import all controller data or master track data in addition to the basic
> midi data.

Am on Cubase 9 64bit, will have a look later today.

Some ppl say, that importing only one midi track first imports the tempo map also, but no way on my configuration so far :(

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