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Ian ...

I think you are misunderstanding 'single patch.'

A single patch of a piano would give you the sound of the piano from lowest to highest note depending upon what keyboard note you pressed.

However,  a single patch of a drum kit would give you a different drum sound per each individual key.

Unlike instrument patches, General MIDI drum patches vary in what is included after the convention of using 81 of  the possible 128 notes. The GM standard drum kit does not include brushes.

But the GM Brush Kit does (patch #41 on Channel 10).

PG Music - Tutorials - General MIDI instrument and drum kit lists

.The Jazz kit may also have some brush sounds on the snares.

In the end, the sound will be limited by the quality of the GM sound source you are using.


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I'm grateful for your time and patience.
It's possible, I suppose, that 'select single patch' option in the drop-down list from Drums is a relic with no current function. I have emailed support@PG and will report anything they tell me.
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> Hallo, David
> I'm very grateful, as ever, for your input. I understand entirely about
> (midi) drum sets/kits. What I'm still not entirely clear about is what
> the effect of selecting a single patch should be.
> If I identified all the percussion instruments used in a style, and
> then, with that style selected, selected one of them individually , what
> would the effect be? Would all the other percussion parts be muted ?

I'm not sure you can do that -- I don't know of anyplace within BIAB
where you can select just a single instrument from the drum kit. But
even if you could, you would need to mute all the other instruments in
that drum kit. And then that particular instrument would need to be one
that was actually used in the various patterns within that style.

So, to get back to your example from previously of the patch for the
"high agogo" -- it doesn't matter what patch number you select for that
if the style doesn't make use of "high agogo." You'll never hear the
effect of changing that patch.

My advice is to experiment with creating your own custom drum set by
editing the patches in the drum kit in the Preferences/DrumKit and
saving it under a new name and then loading that drum kit into a song
file and see what happens. Put crazy patch numbers into each of the
main drumkit instruments (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, all 3 toms, high hat,
crash and ride cymbals) and see what happens when you use that drum set.
Be careful not to simply save over one of PGMusic's drumkits or you'll
regret it. Perhaps you should copy the original files into a sub-folder
labeled something like "Original DrumKits" so that if you do
accidentally save over one of the originals, you can always copy the
original back into the main BB folder.

To try to learn more, I just opened the StyleMaker/EditCurrentStyle
dialog and selected Drum and then Edit Pattern and see that there are
only 18 drums/cymbals listed, whereas in the Preferences/DrumKit dialog,
there are 29 possible instruments listed. And things like "High Agogo"
is not one of the instruments to choose in the
StyleMaker/EditCurrentStyle dialog, so I don't know why that's even
listed at all in the DrumKitDefinition dialog.

So I am as much in the dark about this drum kit stuff as you are.

Sorry I can't be more helpful -- but my limited research shows that you
may not be able to do exactly what you want to do. I am hopeful that
others who know more about this will chime in with some suggestions.

David H. Bailey

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