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David H. Bailey

On 2/28/2017 8:07 AM, 'Ian Graham' [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:

Thank you, DFF, for this.

Taking your 'aside' first, I entirely agree - but I think we both know
that ain't likely to happen any time soon !

Your point about quantising a swing style is a fair one, and I can
therefore modify my original enquiry to delete 'EV' as a specification.
What I'd like, in this instance, is a drum track that is swirly, not
very kicky, ambient - ie probably stroked brushes plus some sort of
cymbal(s); and rather subtly 'swung' - ie a swing ratio closer to parity
than the default 2:1 or 3:1 ( - although that can maybe also be got at
by quantising).

Either my original post was as clear as mud to most people, or (given
the usually active and responsive support of this group) what I'm
looking for just isn't there.

Is it fair to say, as additional comment, that though Biab makes clear
specific provision for 'Brushes' in both RD and Midi, it is generally
inclined to be rather robust and exuberant in its 'drumming'? The two
places that I know of in Biab where there are kit lists, have lists that
are pretty entirely devoted to 'hit' rather than 'stroked' instruments. .

As an additional question:

with RD drums NOT enabled, the drop-down patch list for Drums offers a
small number of choices that are for specific kits (41=Brushes being the
obvious example) but the great majority appear to be for specific
patches - ie specific bits of a drum kit. Am I understanding that right ?

So on the face of it, selecting, one at a time, two or three specific
patches and saving to midi each time, might be a way to go ?

But in fact I can't hear that Biab is responding to my choice of patch
at all - there's always still more than one patch audible, for one
thing. You might expect "Patch 67" ('High Agogo', from the
Preference>Drum Kit patch list) to be rather distinctive, but I don't
think that's what I'm hearing. Do I have to additionally enable that
choice in some way ?

I think the lack of response to your requests for suggested styles is quite likely because most of the members of this group haven't been looking for that sort of sound. So it might be there -- you'll just need to sample all the styles which look like they might be somewhat close in the StylePicker.

Regarding your last paragraph, changing the patch for individual instruments in a drum kit only affects the drums in Midi styles -- all the Real Styles have their drum sounds "hard wired" into the style. They're recorded samples, so what's already been recorded can't be changed. But for Midi drums, the sounds that are selected can be changed. However, in order to hear the effect of the change, the style you're listening to has to make use of the changed instrument. So a person can change the patch for "high agogo" for example as many times as they wish, but if the style hasn't made use of the "high agogo" instrument in the drum part then you'll never hear the effect of the changes.

The list of drum kits is just that -- where you see "brushes - 41" all the choices are for various GM drum kits. To change the sound of individual instruments (e.g. to get a brushes sound on the cymbals) you need to use the Drum Kit dialog in the Preferences, where you alter the patches to what you want and then save it as a custom drum kit and then you'll need to select that drum kit specifically for any song you want to use it in, or you'll need to use the StyleMaker to edit a style or two to use that drum kit and then save the styles under new names so as not to overwrite the originals.

It sounds as if you've got a very specific sound in mind for the ideal drum kit for your song, so you may need to program your own style --
start with a style which has piano/bass/guitar/strings programmed as you like, then edit the drum patterns.

Good luck!
David H. Bailey

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