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David H. Bailey

Putting on my moderator's hat, I'm going to step in here and ask that discussions of copyright be stopped, since to the best of my knowledge none of us are copyright attorneys licensed to give legal advice.

The U.S. copyright law is freely downloadable from along with other documents and information about the U.S. copyright law, so I suggest that people go there and read the law for themselves. It is very well indexed so that the parts which apply to music are fairly easy to find. And there are other web-sites which discuss copyright law and its case history and interpretation.

So let's get back to discussing BIAB.

David H. Bailey, Moderator

On 2/26/2017 9:24 PM, Kevin Doucet [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:

When was the last time you researched the copyright law?

Great job. Nearly my first input post and you crap on me...

On 2/26/2017 7:58 PM, Dave Nuttall [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:

On 2/26/2017 7:47 PM, Kevin Doucet
[Band-in-a-Box] wrote:

It is not breaking the copyright law if you only acquisition a copy
of a song for learning and or study materials.

Kevin Doucet
THEFT is generally against the law almost anywhere in the universe.


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David H. Bailey

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