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Hi Dave--
Thanks so much for all the info.  I did see the promo future gui layout video of Song Surgeon and it looks impressive whenever it is released.  I’m on PC not Mac--- and I also like the chord detection of Riff Station which is another contender different than Riff Master.  Riff Station shows the chords, up coming chord and shows a list of all chords detected—nice feature.
It would seem that song chord detection technology is radically improving.  I saw an android app chord detection that was quite impressive and it would substitute synth chords sounds with a simple slider move in real time of the song playing
I really like the auto chord detection programs and am hoping that Song Surgeon does this well.  Perhaps they only do first position chords. But I’d like to find a program that can do Jazz chords and voicings and also analyze gypsy jazz with capabilities to analyze many different positions and inversions.  Does such a program exist.  Will the upcoming Song Surgeon do this.

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I am a long-time user of Song Surgeon and expect to begin being a part of the beta-testers for release 5.x.

Song Surgeon and their parallel program "Download Surgeon" capture streaming audio and video.   But so will the free/open-source program Audacity.   In fact, Audacity on a Mac with "Soundflower" is equal or better than Song Surgeon or Download Surgeon in terms of what I call "purity" of the sound captured.   It may be my Windows computer (Win 10/64) but sometimes if I capture on Windows, the audio has extraneous "stuff", jitter sometimes when a background process starts or ends, or who knows.   I've captured hundreds of hours of audio on the Mac and have never encountered the "stuff" that I seem to encounter with Windows.

The current version of Song Surgeon doesn't compete well with Riffmaster Pro when it comes to slowing songs without changing pitch.   However, Transcribe from 7th String Software is REALLY good at the slow-down thing.   Transcribe also tries to identify notes/chords.   It is OK, but hopefully the new version of Song Surgeon will have mastered both "needs" (slow/tempo change and pitch/chord identification).

A realistic outlook, based on my current knowledge/experience is that Riffmaster Pro may be a good tool, but until you can try Song Surgeon 5.x or compare Transcribe, you may be best advised to master Audacity for capture, especially if you can use a Mac with Soundflower.

No matter what you use to capture, if it sounds clean, save it as WAV to avoid adding to whatever compression was invoked at the origin.   You'll also find that when you slow down a captured track, whether with Song Surgeon, Transcribe, Riffmaster Pro, et al, you'll be more likely to be satisfied than if you saved disk space and compressed your captures to MP3.   What was originally perhaps say 128kbps in the stream could like be a lot less when you compress the captured stream to MP3, even though your software says it is saving to 320kbps.

Just my $0.02.
PM me to explore nuances of the above.

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Thank you DF.  Yikers about having to download a adware or variant browser search engine.  I tried going to   that Ian suggested but the URL is not working.  Maybe there is converter out there that does not  require adware or browser search engine download.
Another reason I wanted to convert youtube songs to Mp3 is so it can work with Riffmaster pro-  supposedly this software filters out other music track and you can hear the certain music tracks more isolated and slow it down without affecting pitch.  Does anyone have feedback about  Riffmaster pro and or its competitor Song Surgeon.
Or is there a better software out there for this.
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Rodger ...
The more or less simple answer. First, let me say that I am not sure of what type of audio file compression is used by YouTube. Regardless, whether it is MP3 or something else, there are no files to be downloaded: it is a streaming service.
There are several websites that generally in exchange for installing some type of adware or variant browser search engine in your browser, have the ability to capture the stream from YouTube or AFAIK any streaming audio and then convert it to an MP3 file, which you can download. As I said before, even it they provided downloading WAV files, the actual audio quality could not be improved over that of the original compressed file used for the streaming that they have captured..
These generally work by having you paste the URL of site streaming the audio into a little applet on your browser.
They are not difficult to use, but I personally found it bothersome to have the program interfere with my lean mean browsing.
And, I already get plenty of ads through my web email accounts ... thank you very much!

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This list certainly does not need people bashing others for giving ideas and suggestions.
I think this group has excellent people like DF and David Bailey who add information on topics with great precision and detail expanding the scope of the topic or questions at hand.   This is how threads expand into other related subject matter that enables more “tool set power” in the
creative workflow. 
I hope there are not people giving negative critiques when others are offering additional information. When criticism is made to people for offering additional information it creates an atmosphere where people are afraid to post or lurkers do not come forward. 
This is a great list that David Bailey created and there are all types of people in here.  Some use 3rd party DAW’s, some use Real Band some do not,
Some do not use DAW’s, some are pro some are not pro.
There is a diverse range of users and this list is so wonderful and helpful. This list certainly does not need people bashing others for giving ideas and suggestions.
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Hi. In reply ,the question was smokey Robinson tunes . Not the quality of the tune in biab .as you know biab is not without its faults .most. Musicians ,use a more pro daw ,but for fun and the large database of songs biab is excellent Best wishes. Siena

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