Re: (drum) Style suggestion, please

D F Tweedie

I am probably stating the obvious, but MIDI is your friend.

If you find one of the older, non-RD styles simpatico, you can massage it in RealBand or your sequencer of choice. You can even take a swing style and straighten it out easily with quantization. Then of course you can thin out the drum hits, change the velocity and voice the different drums as you please.

As an aside, while I do find some of the RealDrums sound really good, I wish that the individual drums were available instead of a mixed down track. Then you could massage and process them, e.g., lower the volume, change the eq, etc., to tailor a drum track to your liking.

Presumably this would be an easy thing for BIAB to do as they already undoubtedly record the drums multitrack.

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Hallo, group
I wonder if anyone can help me with this ?
I'm trying to find a drum style which is Ev rather than Sw, but still (a) definitely jazz and not rock/country/funk and (b) not Latin, and also (c) just a bit (well, quite a lot, actually) quieter than what I've found so far, in a fairly extensive search of the Stylefinder and the Real Drums style picker.
The  RD Jazz Even 8, for example, has a very busy 'front sound' on the drums, and two heavy back beats, though the ride is pretty much what I'd like. I'd like something rather more 'swirly' - and even the RD Ev brushes is actually quite thumpy.
Not that RD are essential. A midi route would at least offer the possibility of editing if necessary.
Any ideas much appreciated.
Ian G
Wales UK

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