(drum) Style suggestion, please


Hallo, group
I wonder if anyone can help me with this ?
I'm trying to find a drum style which is Ev rather than Sw, but still (a) definitely jazz and not rock/country/funk and (b) not Latin, and also (c) just a bit (well, quite a lot, actually) quieter than what I've found so far, in a fairly extensive search of the Stylefinder and the Real Drums style picker.
The  RD Jazz Even 8, for example, has a very busy 'front sound' on the drums, and two heavy back beats, though the ride is pretty much what I'd like. I'd like something rather more 'swirly' - and even the RD Ev brushes is actually quite thumpy.
Not that RD are essential. A midi route would at least offer the possibility of editing if necessary.
Any ideas much appreciated.
Ian G
Wales UK

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