Re: Hall and Oats and Smokey Robinsons songs

D F Tweedie

Remember this: any file converted to a higher resolution will have no better sonic quality than the file it was converted from.

YouTube, to the best of my knowledge, uses highly compressed audio. The quality of MP3 files themselves vary depending upon which conversion was originally used, e.g. .,, 128, 192, 256, 320 bit rate.

So, the only reason to 'upgrade' convert an audio file is in order to be able to use it on another platform ... as inside a DAW, for one example.

That said, when importing a compressed file like an MP3 to a DAW, it will generally automatically convert it to a WAV file ... so you really don't need bother.

Coming back to YouTube, in one sense you can never get the WAV quality file, if by that you mean a CD quality 44.1k 16 bit audio file. To my knowledge the only service currently streaming audio at that quality is Tidal.

On a MAC using Soundflower you can setup an aggregate device to directly record any streaming service as a WAV file, but, as above, it may be in the form of a WAV file, but it will have no better audio quality than the quality at which it was originally streamed. Think of taking a really high quality photo with a Canon or Nikon of a Polaroid snapshot. Those cameras can faithfully reproduce ... a bad picture. They can't improve it.

Windows doesn't have the ability to use aggregate device, but some higher end devices like those from RME permit 'foldback' of one channel into another so that you could have the input of one channel, the streaming audio, sent as output on another channel in order to record the streaming.


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Is it possible to save Youtube songs as a wave file or only as Mpeg?
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Hi lots of smokey Robinsons material on YouTube if you save as MPs  you can import into biab. Then with chord wizard  display chords   Good luck.   Siena

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I am new to the Group, I am looking for Hall and Oats and a lot of Smokey Robinson's songs,

for biab

thanks in advance for any help

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