Re: Bluetooth MIDI keyboard?

D F Tweedie

Were you trying to play a softsynth on the computer? If so, the latency probably had to do with that rather than the bluetooth technology.

What is probably needed is a two sided system with transmitter (attached to the instrument) and receiver (attached to a hardware sound module/ synth.)

Are any of these solutions designed like that, or are the only to connect via bluetooth to a computer?

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I play an EWI midi controller, and when I hooked a bluetooth adapter to my Win 7 desktop, the latency was horrible. That was a couple of years ago, so things might be better now. I'm not familiar with the advances in the Bluetooth format...

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Well, as I mentioned, if you get the $49 WidiBud, your Win 7 machine can receive Bluetooth midi.   It would be very handy for someone like a midi wind controller player who wants go wireless.   My Quicco mi.1 and WidiBud setup had no problems handling lots of midi data on multiple channels.    

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