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D F Tweedie

The answer is a qualified yes. Qualified because you are essentially limited to one MIDI port and specific channel and patch assignments in BIAB. For example, if I recall of the top of my head, BIAB will always output its Bass instrument on MIDI channel 2 and, depending on the style chosen, default to a GM bass patch # between 33-40, where acoustic, electric and synth bass sounds reside. Now when you load your Miraslav bank into Sample Tank, you will no longer be in General MIDI and the bank will have other patches assigned to those specific patch numbers. Accordingly, it won't sound right.

You will need to then learn how to reroute patches within BIAB ... a sometimes daunting task.

The ideal way to 'play' with BIAB MIDI arrangements is to get a good external sound module with high quality GM sounds. Then you have no latency and can quickly listen to different arrangements you produce. When you like something you can then export the MIDI file as a Type 1 file with separate tracks and specifically select the option to not have the patch numbers written into the files ... so that when you open them in your DAW you can assign any patch you like from Sample Tank 3 or any other virtual instrument without worry or confusion as to why your chosen sound keeps switching to something else.


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I see that Coyote and Sample Tank can work in BIAB.  Does that also mean that all the samples in IK MultiMedia Sample Tank can potentiall be assigned and triggered by BIAB? 
Sample Tank 3 player can load any of the 7800 instruments in the massive IK Multimedia Total Studio Max Bundle libraries---so Im interested in the Mira Slav Philharmonic sound library bundle that is native to Sample Tank where it  can load, edit and play while using BIAB arrangements.  I’d like to hear from others who are using Sample tank 3 library and Sample Tank Max library sounds with BIAB.   I understand that there is more capability to use in a DAW, but it appears that is can still work in BIAB.
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Ian ...
I think you did exactly what I said, although I mispoke on the file extension *.vst instead of *.dll.
I wrote in my second paragraph: "See if there is an option to add additional paths in BIAB to plugins ... or if not ... find (search for sforzando.vst) and move it to the folder that BIAB uses (where Coyote and Sample Tank reside).

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Unfortunately when I did what you are saying Sforzando didn't show up as a choice that's why I had to go hunting for the Sfortzando .dll and copy it in to the VSi folder.

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Here’s what I did:
Made sure Coyote and Sforzando were installed.
Went to the Options menu in BIAB.
Clicked MIDI/Audio driver setup.
On the popup there is a button for VSTi/DXi Synth Settings.  It should say Coyote WT.
Click that and the next menu has a button titled Plugin.  It should say Coyote.
Click that and a dropdown menu appears. If you find Sforzando just click that.  If not Click Add VSTi plugin.  The Sforzando file should popup. Select it.
I assume it is now using Sforzando as the plugin as it says that is the VSTi in the MIDI?AUDIO driver setup window.
Now, I have no idea what to do when the Sforzando window pops up but I think that’s a different topic!

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