Re: Diff. between Coyote and Sforzando

D F Tweedie

Good deal. This is more or less what I suggested. Some plugin developers ask you where you want to install during installation, ans others default install into a folder, usually either C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Vstplugins or C:/Program Files/Vstplugins on Win X64 and C:/Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/Vstplugins etc. on Win 32. Not sure of the MAC conventions for plugin installation.


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Sooooooo...I think I was able to solve the problem re Sforzando not showing up in the MIDI driver dialogue box.

I navigated to Program Files\Plogue\Sforzando\VST where there are two Sforzando .dll files.  I copied these files to the clipboard (control C)  then opened up the MIDI Driver dialogue box in BIAB.

I then clicked on the VSi/DXi Synth box which allowed me to add a VSi synth (this may not be the right wording, please forgive me).  The folder containing the Coyote and Sample tank .dll's opened up at which time I pasted (control V) the Sforzando .dll's in to the folder and select the 32 bit one.

I hope this makes sense, but the MIDI Dialogue box now shows I am using Sforzando.


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If Ifindtime I'll try to look into this later ... but it probably is the following: the VST plugin path (the folder where the plugin has been installed) is not the place where BIAB is looking.

See if there is an option to add additional paths in BIAB to plugins ... or if not ... find (search for sforzando.vst) and move it to the folder that BIAB uses (where Coyote and Sample Tank reside).


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I have the same problem.  I have icons on my desktop for Sforzando but it does not show up in the VST/DXi dialog box. In fact I still get Coyote AND Sample Tank but no Sforzando.


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> David:
> Thank you for your explanation.
> What is the method for selecting what you want as the default appears to
> be Coyote.

If you've installed everything properly, when you go to select the
plug-in from the VST/DXi dialog, both the Coyote and the Sforzando
should appear.

To be honest I haven't messed around with them very much -- I know I've
gotten the Sforzando plug-in to work and been able to load it with the
proper instruments in the past, but when I tried again yesterday I was
not able to get things to work.

I hope someone else with more experience jumps in to answer your question.


David H. Bailey

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