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D F Tweedie

Ian ...

You are partly correct, although your word choice needs editing.

They are both plugins as commonly understood. They are both VSTis (Virtual Studio Technology Instruments as the standard developed by Steinberg) as commonly understood.

Coyote is a 'softsynth,' but Sfortzando is not. It is what is known as a sampler.

Virtually all such instruments use patch banks of 128 patches, numbered either for 0 to 127 or occasionally from 1-128.

General MIDI uses a convention of what instruments to place on what patch so that a file written to the General MIDI standard will play the same instrument on any General MIDI compatible sound source.

Samplers can be designed for different audio formats of the patches they play. Sfortzando specifically is used for what are also called 'soundfonts,' the type of samples originally found on the Creative Labs Sound Blaster cards.

Coyote uses synthesis to create its General MIDI patch list.

Sfortzando can use any sound bank or load an individual patch. There are many free soundfont patch banks that also are written as General MIDI patch banks, i.e., containing the 128 General MIDI instruments.

A very good free one receiving a lot of attention is Timbres of Heaven, that can be found by Googling. Once you loaded such a sound bank in Sfortzando it would respond just like Coyote or any other virtual instrument conforming to General MIDI.


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Hi David:

Happy New Year.

Am I correct in saying that Sfortzando soft synth is not a plugin like Coyote?  It is my understanding that there are certain styles that use the Hi-Q sounds so if you wish to take advantage of the Sfortzando sounds you have to use one of the Hi-Q styles.


Ian Cuthbertson

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> Happy New Year to all!
> I have recently purchased and installed the 2017 Everything pack upgrade
> from 2015. I was wondering what is the difference between Coyote and
> Sforzando and if they are even related at all?

They are both soft-synths through which you can play BIAB songs with
midi styles without needing to use an external midi device or use your
soundcard's usually horrible built-in midi synth.

BIAB 2017 comes with Hi-Q instruments for the Sforzando soft synth while
the Coyote soft synth uses its own sounds.

Coyote's sounds are alright but the Hi-Q sounds for Sforzando are much
better. The downside is that they take up a lot more hard-disk space
when you install them.

My advice is to install them both as long as you have room and try the
same song file played through both and see for yourself what the
differences are.

David H. Bailey

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