Re: BIAB 2017 Video Tutorials

D F Tweedie

Contact with your suggestions and request that they have someone create what you're interested in.

Eli Krantzenberg (Krantzberg?) made an outstanding video series for BIAB 2015 for Windows.


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Is there a video tutorial on the new BIAB 2017? 
All I can find is a sales video that shows features.
I’m also interested in any 3rd party video tutorials coming out on BIAB 2017.   Seems like with the different layouts and features in the last 2 versions that it would be great to see a new tutorial or series of tutorials.  I’d like to see some complex and full tutorials that shows a complete song being created from front to end using many features, intro, outros, 4 song sections, multiple instrument and track changes, timing changes, midi tracks with real tracks, multiple drum tracks, soloist, melody changes, key changes, live vocals and live instrument integration with DAW integration. 
I think the best way to learn BIAB is to follow along and actually compose a song step by step from the musician based tutorial.  The problem for me is that most of these video tutorials are produced from  tech support mindsets and not from a real musician perspective approach where the musician is explaining the creative process and not just a technical fast talk thru on a feature list.
Since many people use BIAB differently, I think there should be different tutorials that show complete processes being used.  And I would gladly pay for such well produced video tutorials.  Years ago, when I was learning a pro video editing software,  a top producer created a video series that used the creative production approaches and processes and it made learning so much faster and stirred the creative energies.  Learning from memorizing is very different than learning from greater creative understanding—which is why creative GUI is the heart of all creative processes.

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