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D F Tweedie

Steve ...

I think it depends upon how serious you are about your demos and original music. You don't have to be a "power user" to aspire to the highest quality in what you do do.

With that in mind, after many years of going along with the low end version and using the MIDI in my high end DAWs, I went for the audiophile because I wanted the highest quality audio files from the real tracks.

I am not disappointed. I'll often run a song 3 or 4 times with different soloist reel tracks playing in the basic rhythm sections, export those files and tuck them along with live recording, loops, etc. in my DAW. I have musicians with pretty good ears ask with surprise where I got the studio musicians for the tracks.

The one draw back is that you can't get real tracks to play exactly what you wish, but the licks are so good and genre tight that you can almost always work them in.

Now if I was only accompanying myself and not interested in quality production, I'd stop below the audiophile package and go with the MP3 real tracks.


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I know this is a very subjective question,  but any input is appreciated.  I see I can upgrade to 2017 Pro, Megapack,  UltraPlusPak,  Everything plus Pakistan,  or Audiophile editions. Is there a sweet spot for a casual user?  I use tracks to practice with, and want to use BIAB to create demos and original music, but not a power user by any means.  Thoughts?

On Dec 10, 2016, at 9:04 AM, "'David H. Bailey' dhbailey52@... [Band-in-a-Box]" <Band-in-a-Box@...> wrote:
I was just contacted off-list by a BIAB user relating that he had had a
problem with RealBand2017 locking up on him and that he had spoken to
PGMusic techsupport which told him it was a known bug that had been
reported to the development team.

I hadn't played around with RealBand2017 yet (I have rarely used it at
all since it changed from PowerTracks to RealBand) so I started it up
and activated it.

When I started RealBand2017, I opened up a midi file which loaded and
played just fine. Then I opened a different midi file and again it
worked fine.

When I opened a BIAB file the program locked up on me so I force-quit it.

Then I ran RealBand2017 again and got the same bad result.

So until PGMusic releases an update that gets RealBand2017 working with
BIAB files it is only useful as a midi sequencer.

Hopefully they'll get the update out very soon.

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