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D F Tweedie

Latency is a function of the buffer size of your audio engine. You do not specify, but I am presuming you are using a softsynth. A typical consumer computer without an audio interface generally does not have the ability to set very small buffer sizes. That is, the smaller the buffer you can use without stuttering and audio breakups, the lower will be the latency.

I seem to remember ... I am sure someone will confirm or correct this ... that when using the softsynth included with BIAB the program automatically sets a fairly high buffer.

Your best way around this is to go to a site like or similar and learn about latency and then see what in your system you can change or improve to reduce it, e.g., better computer, audio interface, etc.


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Subject: [Band-in-a-Box] latency question ...

I'm trying to add a track into an existing BIAB file from my midi keyboard. There's a disconcerting time delay between what I play at the keyboard and what I hear through the headphones. The captured notes are where I mean them, mostly, but it's very hard to keep going.  I'm not using ASIO. What should the setup look like so there's no delay? Thanks for any advice.

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