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D F Tweedie

David ... or anyone ...

Do you know why the webpage only show 2017 for windows and still shows 2016 for mac? Does this mean they aren't releasing a 2017 mac version, or only that it will not becoming before 12/31/2016?


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BIAB 2017 is available now at -- As has been the case for
the past few annual upgrades there don't seem to be any major
breakthroughs, but there are a lot more real instruments and real styles
(they say over 120 new real styles!), which for my money make the
upgrade worthwhile.

There doesn't seem to be anything major for people who are using only
midi styles and midi playback (remember when there were at least 4 new
midi styles disks with each new upgrade, each disk with at least 10 new
styles on it?)

I have foregone the download option (download links come with either
purchase choice, download-only or hard-disk) since the total download is
90GB, so I don't have the program installed yet and can't comment on any
of the inner workings of the program.

It does seem as if they may have abandoned the SampleTank playback in
favor of a new synth, Sforzando, and there are Hi-Q instruments included
for that (as there used to be for SampleTank playback, which I never
really liked) so that people who want to use the midi-only styles or the
midi-plus-real-instruments styles should be able to get better
recordings and output but that remains to be tested in the real world. I
never liked the SampleTank playback because SampleTank is a pain in the
butt to set up and activate and all that -- I think that ikMultimedia
makes good products but I find their licensing/activation process to be
much more complex than it needs to be. I hope that the new sample
playback engine, Sforzando, will be much easier to work with.

There are are some videos on the home page but so far they
don't have all the audio demo files available (that's how new this
release is!). I'm sure they'll have the new audio demo files available
really soon.

But since I automatically upgrade each year I ordered the new version

I'll report more once I get the program and install it and have a chance
to play around with it.

David H. Bailey

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