Re: 3/4 Chord Entry and the Notation Window

D F Tweedie

Thanks for your response. It appears that this is one of those unfortunate cases where it is not 'user error,' but a funky shortcoming of the program ... actually worse than the inability to place chord changes on half-beats.

I did try starting a new song with a waltz style already selected and it does seem that the placement of the bespoke chords over the bar is roughly proportional with the first chord sitting on the bar division instead of the beat stroke and the other two in thirds across the bar ... but I am still not sure it displays this way if there is only a single entry in each half-bar cell..

Also, the chord settings dialog box continues to show four beats; and you can add a chord to the 4th beat and it will display in the chord entry window, but it doesn't play.

I'd call it a confusing mess ... but I guess now that I think I have it figured out I won't worry anymore. Pity the poor newbie.

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Just from past experiences, BIAB has some issues regarding a deafult
of 4/4 timing,and odd time signatures,can be problematic, in termes of playing 
and the visual notation representation. I realize this reply may not be what you
 were seeking, but others here and moderator, may be able to shed more info 
on work-arounds?

According to the responses I got from pgmusic, the techs there seem to elude to 
the design of the program that only a re-write would be needed to address timing
resouluions. Unfortunatley, that is a major undertaking and one not "worth" the bother.

Anyone else have any insights?  Mine was using a dedicated sequencer, but importing
 a midi file into BIAB would still be problematic as I stated, due to resolutions and 
program design. I'm sure there are some older threads here that have discussed this 

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