3/4 Chord Entry and the Notation Window

D F Tweedie

I have to say I'm having some difficulty getting my head around 3/4 song creation and chord placement.

Things I don't understand.

1. Where does it say the time signature of the song? I think that selecting a Waltz style starts the song in 3/4, but the only way I can see/ confirm that is to click notation and see the time signature in the staff at the beginning of the song. However, I don't think that is the whole story, as I understand that if you want a song with time changes, you must start in 4/4 and then on bar sections change to 3/4 ... but you can't start from a 3/4 style and go to 4/4. But how would I know that the song wasn't created in 4/4 and just some early sections had been changed later to 3/4?

2. Why in notation view don't the bespoke chords line up with the beat strokes? It is a little confusing because it often looks as a second chord in the 3/4 bar is sitting on the 2-and, not the 2 or the 3.

3. I understand that 3/4 chord entry permits chord changes on the beat and that that involves placing two chords in the first half bar cell and one chord in the first position (no leading comma) of the second half bar cell. So why does the chord setting dialog box show 4 beats and what about the pedal bass settings only showing options that make sense in 4/4? Or, is this an artifact of having the default/ prototype style setting the song to 4/4 before I had picked my waltz style?

I've googled, searched PG Music forums, etc., but no where do I find a clear explanation of these issues ... so I'm now asking the real experts!

Thanks in advance.

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