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David et al.

Just prior to posting my disbelief here, I'd sent a fourth inquiry to PG Music ... also expressing my disbelief in what I had been told so far by who ever had responded through their website to my inquiry.

I was told by "Kent," the first named responder as best I recall, that I had been misinformed and that as a prior Audiophile owner I was entitled to purchase a 2016 MAC Audiophile on a 'prior owner' discount and at the moment there was a 2015 to 2016 upgrade for $199.00.

This was certainly more reasonable, but still leaves a bit of a bad taste. Like most of us probably, I never read the fine print in the licensing, and although never explicitly stated to me, I got the distinct impression from the PG Music responses that they considered the Audiophile licensing to be platform specific and to run the files on the 2015 Win Audiophile with a 2016 MAC entry program would be a violation. I can assert that they never made your suggestion, David, of getting a new entry level MAC version and relocating the Audiophile files.

I appreciate your Bootcamp suggestion, but this defeats the purpose as the main reason I am going MAC is to use the Thunderbolt connection on UAD Apollo hardware interface, which requires MAC drivers (another grouse I'll leave alone for the moment.)

While I don't like the idea of having to pay anything more, a nominal for example $29.00 'hassle' fee for a 2015 MAC license would be easy to swallow.

As prior to going MAC, I'd decided to skip 2016 upgrade and wait till 2017, I'm going to have to think all through.

Does anyone recall what the end of year sale upgrade prices were on Audiophile editions more than a year old?



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  Do you have Parallels or Bootcamp on your PC? Can't you use one of
those programs and run the Windows version that you already own? I've
always wondered this since for many years the Mac version has lagged far
behind the PC version, although perhaps now they're equal.

When you say "the responses I have received so far . . ." -- whom have
you contacted at pgmusic?

I agree that many software companies offer cross-grade pricing below new
purchase prices, and am as surprised as you are that PGMusic hasn't cut
you a deal.

Don't Macs read .wav files? If so, buy the least expensive Mac version
and then simply copy all your .wav file folders over from your Windows
audiophile version. Isn't the size/quality of the .wav files
(non-compressed) the only difference for the audiophile version? Or use
a file format conversion program to convert all the .wav files from your
audiophile edition to Mac audio format, and simply move them into the
Mac installation of the least expensive version you can buy from PGMusic.

I'm sure there's a less expensive way around the problem.

Good luck, and please keep us posted about how you proceed with this.

David H. Bailey

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