Can this be true?

D F Tweedie

I am in the process of migrating from PC to MAC. I contacted PG Music to see how I could get the 2015 MAC program to run my 2015 Win Audiophile Edition.

The responses I have received so far have said I would have to buy a new 2016 MAC Audiophile at first time purchaser pricing.

Can this be true? Are they in their right minds?

I am not aware of a single other music software company that does not license cross platform if they provide both PC and MAC versions. While there can certainly be restrictions on use of the software on two different computers ... sometimes requiring the surrendering of an authorization on one computer, sometimes asking on the honor system that a user only uses one machine at a time, etc., I have never heard of any company requiring a complete new license to use a product on a different operating system.

Someone please tell me this is a bad dream or that some novice support person is poorly informed.

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