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D F Tweedie

Ian ...

I am interested, but a little over busy at the moment. Will follow this.

I think the essence of Ludwig in contradistinction to BIAB where you enter chords, is you enter melody and and then it will auto generate a compatible chord progression in one of its available styles. I also think the styles can be modified.

Ultimately you export a MIDI file for use as your interest.

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Following the recent posts about Ludwig, I tried the demo and then bought the program. Coincidentally, I've just got a new computer which (for the first time, really) is fully adequate to you can imagine I'm having fun.
I can see myself using Ludwig a lot - but in conjunction with Biab, swapping material in each direction. Ludwig is, as the minimum, a very good player and scroller. But also, its actual musical strengths are different from Biab's - both bring something to the party, I think.
Which is all a preamble to asking: are there any other Ludwig users here who'd be interested in constituting an informal 'group' - ie just exchanging email(addresses) and including all 'volunteers' in all mailings ?
I think this could be helpful both technically ( I've found several instances where the manual's descriptions of how to do something simply don't work, although in most cases the thing can be done) and creatively.
Ian G

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