Re: Band-in-a-Box Live Training, Webinars, or Self-Paced Workbooks

D F Tweedie

This is true.They only have 2014 taught on a MAC and 2015 taught on a PC. Prior to these there were no competent 3rd party tutorials. Whether they bring out future upgrades will probably depend upon both how significant the annual update is and how good the sales of these videos are. For major DAWs, they bring out new or 'update' versions with every major revision. Those revisions are not on annual schedules like BIAB ... so times going nearly 3 years before a new revision.

However, the 2016 update is relatively insignificant compared to the depth of what already existed and what is covered in the 2015 version. It would be relatively simple to check PG Music website for the 2016 new features.

These tutorials are a deep and comprehensive examination of the program.

While it might be true that every feature is already covered in the help files, the problem with that approach is you already need to know a great deal about the program to benefit .... otherwise you are flipping from help file topic to topic, trying to remember what you just read while you look for the explanation of some concept the former operation was based upon.
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I was led to believe that did not have the latest BIAB version with the new changes.
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Rodger, there is so much to be learned at I thought I would just pay the monthly all-access fee which is around $15 I believe.   They have the best BIAB training in my opinion and the site keeps up with your instruction courses and where you need to pick it up to continue or just search the course for what your want to learn for immediate use.   Give it a try....

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