Re: Band-in-a-Box Live Training, Webinars, or Self-Paced Workbooks

D F Tweedie

I am a huge fan of Groove3! They are constantly releasing new videos. When iZotope released their new vocal plugin, VacalSynth, Groove3 had a tutorial the same weekend.

They have sales twice yearly. One just went by and the next is usually in November each year. Last year I bought a 3 year subscription for $225.00. That works out to about $6.00 and change per month for 'all you can eat.'

Just check out the website to see the wide array of offerings. They also have most of the Hal Leonard instrument specific tutorials.

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Rodger, there is so much to be learned at I thought I would just pay the monthly all-access fee which is around $15 I believe.   They have the best BIAB training in my opinion and the site keeps up with your instruction courses and where you need to pick it up to continue or just search the course for what your want to learn for immediate use.   Give it a try....

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