Re: Separating drums for mixing

D F Tweedie

Highlight/ select the drum track in Logic. Go to the MIDI menu. There is a 'split by notes' option. It will create different MIDI tracks for each note ... usually 5 to 10 with a note for each instrument.

You will need a multitimbral VSTi (or whatever Apple call the equivalent to VSTi) to route each new MIDI track to a different channel in order to be able to mix each drum sound separately ... or a different instrument for each track to do the same thing if you don't have a multimbral instrument.
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I used to use SONAR and would import the midi drum track from BIAB, then run a .cal script that would split the kit components to their individual tracks. I'm using Logic now, and wondering if there is a way to do the same thing in Logic. I'm using EZ drummer a lot now, but it would be handy to be able to split the BIAB drums to separate tracks. 


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Greetings. I love the ability to pick up a RealDrums track from BIAB and drop it into my DAW as part of a project. However, I (think I) would like to ability to treat the different elements of the drum kit separately in the DAW -- so I can make the kick drum "duck" when the bass guitar is hitting at the same time, for example. So my question to you wise people is two-fold: one, is there an obvious way to do that in audio, or should I just drop the track into the DAW as MIDI and figure out how to mess with it there? 

My concern is that on a small number of occasions when I've tried to move both MIDI and audio, separately, from the same BIAB project is that they haven't lined up properly -- but that might very well be me doing something silly.

Thanks for any thoughts,
Sam from near Monterey CA

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