Re: Separating drums for mixing

D F Tweedie

How hard do you want to work?

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this ... depending upon your DAW.

Assuming you like the timing on the drum track from BIAB, that is what you'd use.

Most DAWs have a 'groove' function that will enable you to create a timing track for both audio and MIDI. That could get your timing straightened out. A RealTrack drum track is going to be a lot more real than the equivalent (BIAB suggested) MIDI track. But the idea is to pull the timing from the RealTrack in your DAW and then impose it on you MIDI drum track.

Chopping. You can first chop the drum track at transients. Some DAWs have functions that will do this automatically, or if not, at least a function to move to the next transient, i.e., the sharp attack of when the drum first hits.

Once you've chopped the drum track duplicate it about 3 times so that one track ends up with the kick, one with the snare and one with all else. You can either literally duplicate it and mute out all you don't want or just select all kicks and drag them down to a new track; and, then snares, etc.

Sampling. You could do things the old fashioned way and extract audio drum hits and send them to a sampler to be triggered by MIDI if you like the sound and ambience of the RealTracks drums. 

Have fun.
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On 5/3/2016 3:01 PM, buttrey@... [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:
> Greetings. I love the ability to pick up a RealDrums track from BIAB and
> drop it into my DAW as part of a project. However, I (think I) would
> like to ability to treat the different elements of the drum kit
> separately in the DAW -- so I can make the kick drum "duck" when the
> bass guitar is hitting at the same time, for example. So my question to
> you wise people is two-fold: one, is there an obvious way to do that in
> audio, or should I just drop the track into the DAW as MIDI and figure
> out how to mess with it there?
> My concern is that on a small number of occasions when I've tried to
> move both MIDI and audio, separately, from the same BIAB project is that
> they haven't lined up properly -- but that might very well be me doing
> something silly.

I don't know of any way you could do that with audio -- you'll have to
work with the midi data because you can then simply edit the various
different midi numbers as you wish or separate them all onto different
tracks if you want.

If the audio isn't lining up properly with the midi which you export
from BIAB, make sure that your BIAB PPQ resolution and that of the DAW
you're working with are the same. I don't work with this stuff often,
but I seem to recall that BIAB uses 120ppq as its standard resolution
and when they allowed us to increase that in recent versions, the
exported midi is reduced to that resolution. So set your DAW resolution
to the same and it should (theoretically) all line up properly.

David H. Bailey

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