Re: Virtual Instrument collections?

D F Tweedie

Cliff ...

Have you used the NI service center app or checked with NI tech support for upgrades? I'd be amazed if they didn't provide a solution.

I don't know how long your willing to hold out, but the NI Komplete packages go on sale every year at least once. That is probably one of the most comprehensive solutions around. If you afforded yourself their orchestras in the past, at least the less complete Komplete should be in your budget.

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I've been out of the music production loop for 7 years. I need your advice on obtaining virtual instruments again for Garageband, Band In A Box, etc. I had all the NI orchestras, but they don't work anymore with Apple's new OS. So, where can I get free or cheap instruments for creating retro, roaring 20s type songs.

Thank you,
Cliff Arquette

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