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D F Tweedie

Depending on how long ago you researched, there has been substantial progress in auto-detection  of monophonic audio, i.e., single melody lines, and conversion to MIDI. Were you to have a multi-tracked version of you trio, most flagship DAWs can do this competently. Cubase Pro 8.5 comes to mind as a cross-platform software, i.e., Win & MAC, that is particularly MIDI capable.

Their is only one product of which I am aware that edits polyphonic audio adequately for professional use, Melodyne. While I know it also does audio to MIDI conversion, I am not sure how this works with polyphonic material. Melodyne comes in several iterations and the flagship, Melodyne 4 Studio, is very pricey.

At any rate, as they have a 30 day full functioning trial you have nothing to lose by giving it a spin ... except a lot of money if you end up deciding you need to buy it.

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Hi All,

About 10 years ago I did a pretty exhaustive search into WAV (MP3, etc) converters across a number of software developers that were on the market and found them all to be seriously lacking.  Not to belittle the developers, this is a very difficult mathematical and AI problem.  In previous versions I have looked at I would feed in a wav file and get back a mish-mash of some notes, overtones, and superposition's of the waves representing the notes giving an un-intelligable jumble of little black dots on a staff.

Has anyone been following this line of research and doe anyone know if here have been any substantial improvements on the recognition algorithms people have developed to tackle this problem.

The chord recognition in BIAB works quite well, but I would love to find a piece of software that will also generate at least a melody in addition to the chords.  My ultimate dream is to find a piece of software where I can feed in a guitar-bass-percussion trio and get back something that is reasonable easy to recognize the parts generated by the MIDI conversion.


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