Re: To Shot or Not

D F Tweedie

Gee ... and I always thought it was when they all take a 'wee nip of the ol' kirk yard' to increase their good cheer and 'bonhomie.'

The 'shot or not,' obviously is only after the second or third time the consideration comes to the fore. :)

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> I read all of these questions and answers carefully as I strive to
> understand music more fully. I was able to determine what a "triplet"
> was by googling it, but I have been unable to do the same with what a
> "shot" in music is. Could someone please enlighten me? Thank you!
> TeriMarie

A "shot" is when all the musicians play a single short often accented
note on the beat, together, followed by a silence of a beat or two
before they resume playing. The amount of silence following the shot is
extremely variable.

Instruments which might otherwise sustain their sounds, such as a
guitar, bass or synthesizer are muted instantaneously.

David H. Bailey

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