Re: How best to learn BIAB

D F Tweedie

Go and search for the BIAB tutorial by Eli Krantzberg ... a great instructor. You can see a sample from one of the videos in the tutorial and decide if you'd like to purchase it. They generally have December sales.

Highly recommended.

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I'm not actually a newbie, I've been playing around with BIAB 2013 for a
couple of years now. But all I've really done is use it for practice,
where I bring up a file and play along with it. I don't really do much
with BIAB and consequently don't know much about it.

Now, I'm wanting to use it to do new things. Mainly I want to use it to
create the accompaniment tracks (at least the rhythm tracks) for some of
my original material. And I'm a bit lost.

What is the best way to learn BIAB? I've found some videos, and that
will work, but most are for the latest version of BIAB, and the
differences in functionality and user interface are a bit confusing.

I am just digging in and learning it one feature at a time. But if
there's a way to get to a basic level of knowledge at once, then add new
things as I need them, that would be better.



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