Re: placing the Chords

D F Tweedie

David ...

I'm sure you are correct about the code ... but I disagree that fixes and improvements we appreciate would be lost. They could just as well be written from scratch into any new code.

Sooner or later the Rube Goldberging programming must come to an end and PG Music will be forced to do start fresh. Sooner I hope!

DF Tweedie
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> David ...
> Esteemed and gracious co-moderator and cornucopia of good will and
> selfless assistance to others wrote:
> "PGMusic has for some reason decided not to program BIAB to allow chords
> on every half-beat, as many of us would love to be able to do."
> I, churlish curmudgeon that I be must speculate on that reason:
> obstinacy? sloth? tone deafness? dog ate the code? complacency? kick
> backs from Norton?
> Whatever the reason it is clearly for the benefit of PG Music and not
> the loyal users.

I can guarantee it's not because of kickbacks from Norton!

I also am pretty certain that it's not obstinacy, sloth or tone-deafness
-- PGMusic has bent over backwards to give users what they have asked
for, and each new upgrade proves that.

So I think the problem lies much much deeper and is much more difficult
to solve.
I think the real problem lies in the heart of the legacy code from the
early DOS and Atari days, around which has been wrapped layer upon layer
of windows and MacOS (now OSx) code. Being a small company I am pretty
certain that PGMusic does not have the financial wherewithal to do a
complete rewrite of the basic accompaniment-generation code which is at
the heart of the program, and onto which so many bells and whistles have
been patched.

So a major revision such as chords on every half-beat would most likely
require a complete rewrite of the entire codebase for BIAB, which might
destroy a lot of the newer additions which users like so much, such as
the real styles, real drums, soloist/melodist and so much more.

So continue to be curmudgeonly if you wish, but only the programmers at
PGMusic know for certain why we can't have chords on each half-beat, and
they ain't talking. :-)

David H. Bailey

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