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"PGMusic has for some reason decided not to program BIAB to allow chords
on every half-beat, as many of us would love to be able to do."

I, churlish curmudgeon that I be must speculate on that reason: obstinacy? sloth? tone deafness? dog ate the code? complacency? kick backs from Norton?

Whatever the reason it is clearly for the benefit of PG Music and not the loyal users.

DF Tweedie

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> Hi experts,
> is there in BiaB the possibility to place the chords between two beats,
> let's say on the "2+"?

Dave Nuttall gave a good response -- you need to go to and search for "expanded styles." Those are
styles he designed where you use two of BIAB's measures to equal one
single measure of the song, which then gives you 8 slots for chords.

PGMusic has for some reason decided not to program BIAB to allow chords
on every half-beat, as many of us would love to be able to do.

You can have a chord "pushed" early by an 8th-note's worth or a
16th-note's worth, so that for example you can have a chord on beat 1
and beat 2 in the first half of the measure (two chords separated by a
comma in the first half), then place a chord on beat 3 (the second half
of the measure) but precede it with ^ and it will be sounded on the
second half of beat 2 (the 2+ as you ask about). But you can't then
have a different chord on beat 3 -- that chord which gets played early
is the only thing you can put on beat 3.

This remains, in my opinion, the final thing that would make BIAB
perfect. They've finally allowed the use of diminshed triads (as
opposed to fully diminshed 7th chords) but they've still not allowed the
entry of 8 different chords in a single bar.

So Bob Norton stepped into the breach with some wonderful expanded
styles -- you use one of those styles, use 2 measures of BIAB to equal 1
measure of your song, then set the playback to be double what you really
want, and it sounds just like you want, with the possibility of putting
8 chords in every measure if you wish.

David H. Bailey

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