Re: 2016 BaiB and RealBand

D F Tweedie

Cliff, this mus be the RealQuantize feature? :)

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On Dec 2, 2015 6:32 PM, "Clifton Davis" <clifdavis@...> wrote:
> At first glance, it looks to me that, from my point of view, there are two improvements of significance this year.  One is the ability to handle music XML which is much less compact than midi but has fewer arbitrary restrictions.  The second is in RealBand where there is now a capability to align midi tracks to a click track without changes to the relative durations of notes.  This lets you take midi accompaniment generated by by BiaB and customize it to a piece of music with its own groove.  Should make midi styles much more valuable except for the people that were using groove filters and the like in other software.  This is probably not going to be as easy as using a groove filter but should be a very flexible approach. 
Very disappointed.   Turns out rather than the click tracks letting you convert your BiaB generated tracks to match the grove of your melody it goes the other way around.   It brings a melody or other freely timed track back to standard BiaB timing to match the styles.  Wrong way round.  :-(
> - Clif

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