Re: Free midi editor

D F Tweedie

David ...

Thanks for this. As a certifiable MIDIot I am ever on the look out for MIDI software tools.

I look forward to checking it out and if I find anything that expressly complements BIAB I'll try to remember to report back.

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Subject: [Band-in-a-Box] Free midi editor

For those members of this group who work entirely or mostly in the MIDI
realm, and for those who wish to expand their work in the MIDI realm,
there is a free midi editor which is quite capable, called MidiEditor.
It's available at the following link:

It's just been upgraded to version 3.0, and it seems quite capable. I
haven't done much with it yet but I wanted to pass the information along
in case it might be the ideal tool for people who wish to keep costs
down and to work in the MIDI realm.

David H. Bailey

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