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D F Tweedie

In the spirit of more than one way to skin a cat ... consider this.

Pro Tools has some amazing editing features. One process uses automatic transient detection, chopping the file at the transients and then creating a midi file from the chopped pieces ... which chopped pieces then can be controlled by the midi file for time stretching.

To be clear, a transient is the initial spike in an audio file from no or quiet sound to a sharp attack with increased volume ... exactly what drums repeatedly do throughout a a song.

Like life, this isn't perfect as things like rings of cymbals can be fading out as a new snare, hat or kick enters the audio stream and the cymbal ring will persist in the chopped piece of audio. But it can still be really good.

So, the point is that it would be possible to process RealTrack drums to meet Bob's observations regarding groove. Just probably not in RealBand.

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>> Unfortunately, you can't use Real Drums. Audio loops cannot be EXPANDED.
>> Notes
I'm going to disagree slightly on this one.  You can take your melody and Expand it so that one bar is now two bars with twice the beats per minute.  You can use your Norton expanded styles.   You can save as a midi.  Then open a new song and bring the midi in as a multi-part melody and Contract it so that two bars are now one at half the speed.  And now you can use Real Drums with it.  <...snip...>
That's a very good suggestion. I never thought of it.

The only reservations I have with that is the fact that the drums in my MIDI style are written in conjunction with comp and the bass parts.  Two things come to mind:

* Often the bass drum and bass kicks are synchronized to hit together, or complementary to create an interplay between them. In many forms of pop music the bass and drums are two parts of the whole rhythm and if one of them is doing something different, the feel of the song is gone. 

* The groove on the Real Drums might not be the same as the MIDI style. Some beats or sub beats are pushed a little before or behind where they would be quantized. I think having the beats 2 and 4 pushed ahead or behind the beat on the comp instruments and not the drums (or opposite on the drums) would clash. --- or a different swing feel --- and sometimes eighth notes are a little ahead or behind where they would be quantized.

Real musicians don't play like clockwork, they breathe life into the rhythm. I play all my parts live into a sequencer and then export snippets of the sequence into the style. That way they parts have a natural groove and they all have the same groove.

I suppose if the real drum track just happened to have the same groove it could be a good choice. Probably worth a try if you prefer the Real Drums. Just be aware you MIGHT be substituting better sounds for less musicality. It all depends.

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