Realism ?

John Birchall <jpb2@...>

Hi Folks,
I use BiaB for backing tracks for jazz practice and rehearsal ...
Realism (not bum notes!) is a great quality which helps me to play
My question, why is BiaB better, more realistic, than other midi software
I have heard which tend to sound 'mechanical'?
For starters I assume -
1. it can play nicely behind the beat with a good triplet swing resolution
2. it regenerates the patterns on the tracks on each play giving variety
3. version 10 has 'more realistic' guitar voicings which follow real
fretboard finger shapes ... I'm not sure I can 'hear' the specific
difference but 'something' makes the 'Freddie Green' style on disk 25

Anything else?
Are timings regenerated on each playback as well as patterns?

I suppose I'm asking for some detail on how the PG engine works ...
it might make me better if I know what's going on ... :-)

cheers and beers
john p birchall
Bush sax player from Chester.

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